Winter is finishing but spanking go on

bedtroom spanking

In a couple of weeks the winter is finishing! – But the nigths, so cool like the red colour of my butt.

bedtroom spanking

4 comentarios en Winter is finishing but spanking go on

  1. charlotte,

    I read your comments.

    I hope you continue to write.

    There are some things you can do to get more response.

    Set it up so anyone can leave comments and they show up right away.

    You can always delete them if they are breaking any rules.

    Try to post more often. I am sure you are quite busy. So are readers. And they can’t always remember to check here once a month.

    If you can do this, there is also a couple of places that can link to you so that you can get more readers. I will try to find it for you.

    I hope I said it ok for you to read. I do not speak French 🙁

    amber xxx

    1. French??? =0
      Thanks for your support, i will put your message in practice, over comments.
      I really apreciate if you find these sites for me
      I hope you come back soon. I back for the momment.

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