Instense punishment for Valentine’s Day

A couple of weeks ago, while we were having dinner at friends’ house, my Master told me that he has prepared a special gift for Valentine’s Day. Immediately, I thought of that “golden ring” that we had together seen. In fact, he really knows my likes as no one has ever done… and my ring came, as I had hoped… But with my golden ring came a note with detailed indications of a punishment session!

Hardest punishment session with the cane. Hundred hard strokes on buttocks and upper thighs distributed

– ¿¿¡¡100 Strokes of caning??!!, I said with a worried face.
– “That’s right,” he answered in a firm voice.

And he ironically ended, saying:
– But you can follow the process of punishment on television.
– 🙁 (I do not know what the expression on my face would have been. But surely, it was not a smile!)

Too many shots for my ass, I thought … I was afraid of fainting in the attempt. I know that my attempts at persuasion are thwarted immediately, and I know his irrefutable decisions. So we started to prepare everything for the night session.

The punishment day come… I was thinking about this situation all day. I ordered the house, I waxed my legs, my pussy and even, the my hole ass. I took a warm shower and on the end of the day I waited nervously for the arrival of my executioner. After work he got home! 🙁

Of the punishment, I can show this moment!

Hard caning session for Valentine's day

And how stayed my backside after the caning session’s end…

My broken ass

After caning punishment

Tomorrow, I promise to show the progress of the brands.

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