Giving Me Orders…

Few weeks ago my Master gave me the order to i had to organizing the garage. But I never take a time to do this work, then I told him I was going to do it in couple of days.

Giving Me Orders

This weekend, tired that I did not do the homework he told me with strong voice. “Ok my cute babe, you’ve been very lazy lately, this afternoon you take control of the garage once and for all, and while you do all the work, I will build an object to use with you.”


Indeed, during the time I used to clean and arrange thingsin our garage, he take an old piece of a wood and built a heavy paddle for used on my butt.

Diy wooden paddle

You can see some pictures on the forum of Córdoba BDSM, he publish how to DIY a Wooden Paddle to spanke me! – Of Course… LOL

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  1. Lucky you got to wear your jeans.

    Yeah my boyfriend has made lots of wood paddles over the years.

    I guess that is a good thing since it saves money 😀

    amber xxx

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