Belted on the terrace…

belted on terrace

Late at night, he ordered me to go up to the terrace. The popular places always are favorites of my Master.

belted ass

Once there, he took off his belt and I receive a hard lashes over my buttocks, back and my legs.

hard belted

I like these brands. They feel different.


To be honest I do not know how much noise we caused that night. But…
Spanking Life

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  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I do not know if it’s perfect! But when these things happen the days or nights are different. The sensations vary according to each occasion, but something I know with certainty: When they happen, there is no routine. Every day is different, with different emotions.

  2. The picture of the neighbors made me laugh hard.

    What a nice night. An arousing belt spanking under the moonlight.

    It sounds like a perfect night 😉

    amber xx

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