Living the Session Caning!

Every two or three months, I counting days left to get the severe punishment that i have earned. Usually, severe punishments are given in the presence of other Masters or Mistresses, but this week they were all busy with their themselves submissives and slaves.


My punishment With the rod never be cancel. Then the best way to Have a public punishment , without more people, is to be the punished and at the same time, to be WHO observe the punishment!


And so it was.


Experience is becoming more exciting and painful . Punishment with a long stick on my bare ass , my ass covered with a large steel dildo wet ginger powder to cause a long and troublesome ardor.


Many blows With the rod . Were not remember exactly how many strokes i get in really , but my ass was numb from the beating. And pain disappear after fifty…


The marks can disappear several days after. But, when I sit down I remembered this day for a long, long time!


Lovely session…


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