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Several Games

Today we find this game from Cordoba BDSM, In spanish language La Ruleta de los castigos, or Punishment Whell… Somthing like this in english. The first turn of the wheel of misfortune was the rod. 🙁 🙁 🙁 And this, the consecuences!

Belted on the terrace…

hard belted

Late at night, he ordered me to go up to the terrace. The popular places always are favorites of my Master. Once there, he took off his belt and I receive a hard lashes over my buttocks, back and my legs. I like these brands. They feel different. To be honest I do not know […]

watching my cunt

watching my cunt

Couple of week ago my Master Enzo and my, play a cute game with rubber bands. The game is more fun for her and some painful for me, but is funny. Shoots rubber bands over my cunt. Like you can see in the next pic. I must be opening my butt and feel how the […]

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